A team of professionals, enthusiastic and fanatically committed to the project

Mr. Gurminder Singh

Founder, CEO at HOMIHELP

Founder, CEO at HOMIHELP. Blockchain believer and crypto trader. Social Media Consultant from last 9 years. Founder of Oneto1 by Homihelp app running on HOMIHELP platform, which connects students with Immigration consultants and Colleges though Live Chat

Mr. Rahul Sharma

Co-Founder, CTO at HOMIHELP

Co-Founder, CTO at HOMIHELP. Experienced Security Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the Data Research Industry from last 10 years. Skilled in Technology Growth Analyst, Cyber Security Consultant, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Simulation, Multi Cloud Specialist.
Also Founder & CEO of Incorporation (Data Intelligence Protocol Inc) at New York, U.S.A. Working into Major Cyber Security Platform/tools under the field of data research and development.